Before I moved to Swaziland one of my biggest fears was having to deal with death on an, assumingly, regular basis.  Perhaps that was a melodramatic supposition, as I have been spared that experience so far. 

On Monday morning I received an email from a good friend in Australia saying that one of her friends had been in a motorbike accident with the odds of survival stacked against her.

On Monday night I received a call to say that two of our small group of six Australian volunteers had been in a car accident.  One of them suffered too many injuries to possibly list here.  Only yesterday was he stable enough to be flown to Johannesburg and his condition is still too volatile to operate.

So while I haven’t experienced death as I thought, the prospect of death has certainly made its presence felt. 

A second is all it takes for life to change forever.  We all know that, but what do we do about it?  Do we tend to push that ugly thought into the back of your mind, waiting for a rainy day to ponder it over a glass of wine?  Or do we face it head on and really live life like there’s no tomorrow, or no five minutes from now?  Are we fulfilled by our work, or just there for the money?  Do we pass up opportunities because we can’t be bothered, or because it’s not the right time? 

If life was to change in the next second, can you look back and breathe deeply knowing that you have been the best you that you can be? 

It’s never too late to start living, unless you don’t start now.

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One thought on “Living.

  1. Isabel, it sounds like you’ve answered the questions you pose for yourself. I say it ‘sounds like’ because your voice, energy, language all suggest someone who’s happy to unflinchingly face into (and perhaps embrace) everything, now, forever.

    Perhaps the events you describe have affected others the same?

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