Too Old

Once again, my plans for a relaxing weekend proved futile. I started out on track with a yoga session on Saturday morning, followed by brunch at the yoga instructor’s house. The plans were still roughly heading in the right direction when Anouk (my couch surfer), Tegan (another AVI) and I decided to make the most of the rare sunshine and do some 4WDing up to Kopho / Rock Lodge. We went for a leisurely guided hike to the Ngwempisi river, stopped for a swim, then hiked back up just as the thunderous clouds and lightning filled sky were closing in. The heavens opened just as we reached our car.

It was in the evening when the relaxation plans were really derailed. Being Anouk’s 23rd birthday, and being away from friends and family, I felt I should support her youthful celebrations and accompany her to an evening of music at House on Fire’s 12th Birthday Party. I discovered two interesting things that night: 1) I will never again be able to drink Windhoek beer since they’re promoting their product as something that “should be drunk by pregnant women to increase milk production”. 2) Under 25’s can recover quickly after dancing until 3am. I can’t.

It might have been fine if I had been able to spend Sunday in bed but, instead, I had already made plans to host my very first “Dejeuner Francais” – a lunch for Francophiles (5 of us in total) to help me practice my French. For me, having a conversation in French is taxing enough on the brain. Having a conversation in French after 3 hours sleep is near impossible. Fortunately, there was plenty of food with which to occupy myself, including snails-in-a-can that I found at my local supermarket, coq au vin, quiche, salade nicoise, and deliciously toffee crepe suzette.

Two late nights in two weekends, and an endless number of hectic weekends before that, I am rapidly coming to the realisation that I have reached old age. What I would kill for a cup of tea and early night!

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