After my relaxation weekend not so long ago, my body has decided that it needs to partake in a few more lazy days.  Hence, a (socially) quite couple of weeks has passed by, where I have done little more than eat and make my fellow Swazis proud by putting on weight.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my first Thanksgiving.  I was so excited I even rustled up a couple of Pumpkin Pies for the occasion.  The dinner was hosted by Sarah and Armand, who had managed to roast 6 turkeys in one day, and clear their lounge room to make way for a sit-down dinner for 65 people. The new Americans I met were thrilled to share their (vague) knowledge on Thanksgiving and their (extensive) knowledge on how to get the most from the Thanksgiving meal.  Through their guidance, I was able to waddle out of that house full of turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, potatoes, green beans, home-made bread rolls, pecan pie, apple pie and, of course, pumpkin pie.

This is how you squeeze 65 wannabe Americans in for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is how you squeeze 65 wannabe Americans in for Thanksgiving dinner.

A couple of days later, I headed out for much-needed 51km bike ride with Vitor, before joining the girls for a weekend of R&R at Hlane Game Reserve.  The night away was just what I needed with fantastic food, fantastic company, and an endless glass of wine in my hand as I sat watching 16 flatulating Rhinos  a few metres away, separated by nothing more than a slightly electrified barbed wire fence.  It was also the occasion for my first Swazi snake sighting.  Okay, so it was tiny (less than 1 metre), but was blackish (black mamba-ish?) and crawling under our dinner table, which I believe justifies our response to leap up our chairs.

Living dangerously

Living dangerously

Just another day in Africa

Just another day in Africa

This past weekend, I managed to lounge around for two days, reading my book, baking, watching films and introducing Tanele to the famously delicious Tim Tam slam (Much thanks to Peter for fetching the ingredients!).  I’ve also been hanging with the Aussie peeps, including newby Bonni, for delightful evenings of cheese and curry, though not together.

Finally, on Monday, I was convinced to accompany a friend on her trip to Pretoria.  Admittedly, the most I saw of Pretoria was the inside of a coffee shop, but that Carob Latte with Soy Milk, and Thai Salad Wrap was well worth the drive.

While I enjoyed this temporary feeling of laziness, I knew it couldn’t last forever. Apart from the continuously distended stomach, December was about to hit.

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