My heroes

I once had a conversation with someone about the biggest thrill one can get in life.  He placed extreme sports, particularly slashing and carving a wave, in that top position.  I challenged his view by suggesting my work, and being an integral part of positive change, as the key moments that make my heart skip a beat.  Needless to say, he scoffed at this suggestion.

Today, as I opened the paper and saw the full-page spread on Gone Rural and Gone Rural boMake, and read that The Swazi Observer has chosen these organisations as this year’s International Women’s Day heroines for the work they do in empowering rural women in the country, I must again challenge the notion that ANYTHING can beat the thrill of this.

The Swazi Observer

The Swazi Observer

“I am so humbled. THANK YOU and the whole Gone Rural family for making such a difference in the lives of many women, who may otherwise be living in abject poverty for lack of education and the means to trade.  You have opened so many doors, for not just them alone, but their families as well. You have created opportunities and, most importantly, helped them earn a living from something so simple, yet so beautiful.

What Gone Rural boMake does is also exceptional; we really appreciate what you do. Swaziland needs more people like you.  God bless you and the entire Gone Rural family. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”

– Teetee Zwane, The Swazi Observer

So, to all the amazing women who have been a part of my life, from my mother to my sisters, friends, colleagues and acquaintances; and to all the men that have consciously and appreciatively benefitted from the intrinsic virtues of women, I wish you all a happy International Women’s Day 2013.

 “Women are seldom silent.  Their beauty is forever speaking for them” (Philip Moeller)

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One thought on “My heroes

  1. Gabby Dunn-Karakaya

    Well done Isabel you are an inspiration what a thrill to be making such a difference rather than band aid solutions.

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