One minute, you’re cruising along, enjoying the monotony of everyday, barely glancing at the future that seems so far away.  The next minute, you’re in a time warp as the future screams into the present, knocks you for six and leaves you rubbing your head asking, “What just happened?”  For me, that moment is now.

So, what just happened?

After two amazing, unforgettable years in Swaziland, suitable paid work eluded me.  To tide me over, I signed up for a volunteer position in Zambia.  This position was with UNICEF, working on sanitation and hygiene.  UNICEF randomly posted me to the Eastern city of Chipata.  In Chipata, I met some fantastic VSO volunteers.  Those volunteers introduced me to a range of awesome people that I now call my friends.  Among those people was a man who is so spellbindingly loving, selfless and pure that I had no choice but to fall in love with him.  Then, just before Christmas, I was offered a new job.

That man and I are now embarking on a sudden and crazy new adventure that will see us leaving our sleepily-fantastic, land-locked, home of Chipata in just over a week, to move to the tropical Solomon Islands for 2 years.  There, I will be the new National Sanitation and Hygiene Advisor to the Solomon Islands Government.

Now, as you get over the shock of this announcement, I’m sure you are also breathing a sigh of relief that I will be making continual reference to s*#t for, at least, the next two years.  You might also be relieved that you now get to visit me in a tropical paradise close to home, rather than having to trudge all the way to stunningly-spectacular-and-totally-worth-the-trip Africa.  Finally, I am certain that you are all relieved that I will soon be able to gorge myself on endless amounts of unsustainably-sourced seafood.  Boom!  Hello future.

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10 thoughts on “Boom!

  1. Tim

    I’m thrilled for you. 😊.

  2. Carlie

    Wow, wow. And who’s the lucky man ? If we ever get to East Timor to see Bridget n Roy, we’ll give u a shout. Enjoy it all, Carlie xx xx

  3. Dunn-Karakaya

    Congratulations Isabel

    So pleased for you.



    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Susan Phillips

    How exciting Isabel. I’m very happy for you. You deserve happiness. Penny Princess and I look forward to a visit to the Solomon Islands sometime in the next two years. Lots of love and wishes for good health and happiness are coming your way from us here in Geraldton. xxooxx

  5. Melissa Stoneham

    OMG- Isobel that is amazing. I have been out of range for 2 weeks but it was so fantastic to hear your news!!! Are you in the Solomons yet? It will be a tough gig but I am sure you’ll do just fine. Call us if you need anything- Jim used to be the EH advisor for the Pacific with SPC- and in love as well. Tell me more!

    So now you can sub contract me to help you in the Solomons!!!

    Looking forward to more info
    Love Mel xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Love this, and you, and your writing. Bring on more ‘booms!’ for everyone.

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