A hop, skip and jump


One good thing about living in the pacific is that it’s not out of the question to pop home for a short break.  With a tiny space in my work schedule, and the need for some serious restocking of essential supplies (think phone, orthotics, camera, drum, and a long list of grocery items not available locally), Manyoni and I took off to Queensland for an 8-day stint of extensive consumerism and quality family time.

First stop was Brisbane, visiting friends and relatives and shopping, then on to Rockhampton, visiting more friends and relatives and shopping, then back to Brisbane for more family catch-ups and, yep, shopping.  At each step of the way, we (ie. Manyoni) won over hearts and minds with his “pretty good” soccer playing, jewellery making and gardening tips.

In between this, we did get some time to do a spot of sight-seeing, taking a ride/run along the new boardwalk along Emu Park’s coast, and patting koalas, admiring saltwater crocs, fending off an inquisitive emu and feeding tortoises at the Rockhampton Zoo. I also got to introduce my vegan partner to the joys of dodging road kill in the nation’s beef capital in a ute with country music playing in the background.  Ah, Australia.

While not exactly relaxing, I had an amazing time.  Amazed at internet speeds that enable you to download an email in less than a minute.  Amazed by air-conditioned, spacious buses that arrive on time.  Amazed by postage that arrives in a few days.  And amazed by the rare, painful, stinging sensation of cold air on my skin.  I have never been so delighted to have chapped lips and to fall asleep under a doona.  Ah, Australia.


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