This blog will be short.  Mostly because any trip to Nugu is filled with a whole lot of nothing.

Around mid-October (yep, sorry for the delay), Manyoni and I joined a group of kiwis (obviously pre-world cup) to take a weekend jaunt to Nugu Beach Resort.

Nugu lies in the Florida Islands, in Central Islands Province, and is a 2.5 hour OBM boat ride from Honiara.  Its main attraction is its white sand beach (rather than coral) and clear water.  That, and the fact that it’s not Honiara.  On this weekend, the weather was perfect, and the ride was so blissful that I could have fallen asleep in the boat if it wasn’t for the diesel fumes.

On our arrival at Nugu we set up chairs by the beach.  That is where we stayed for the rest of the day, intermittently moving between the chairs (and snack table) where you went if you felt like having a conversation (or a snack), the beach where you went to get that rare feeling of soft white sand between your toes, the warm tropical water where you went to try some snorkelling or feed the frenzy fish some coconut, or the hammock where you went to read and inevitably doze off.

If you were feeling really adventurous you could swim or walk a bit further down the beach, and then climb and jump off a big tree into the clear water below.  I started the climb, but after being bitten by about 15 really painful ants in the first few metres, I decided the thrill wasn’t worth it.

As the sun sets, the generator comes on, the fridge starts to work, and the wine starts to get chilled.  The evening is then spent eating a big group dinner, sipping barely-chilled wine and playing cards before retiring into the hot and mosquito-ridden leaf huts.

After our extreme lack of energy exertion on day one, we decided to spend the next day taking a trip to Maravaghi, just “around the corner”.  The fish and coral at Maravaghi never fail to please and while I didn’t get to sight any sharks, rays, octopus or lion fish this time around, I did see a sea horse.


This was also Manyoni’s first time to experience Maravaghi’s mass of damsels, butterfly fish, Moorish idols and anemone fish, while almost drowning at the amazing sight of a school of goat fish being rounded up by Bluefin trevally.

Day two finished up pretty much the same as day one, and before we knew it, we were up before dawn and making our way back to Honiara as the sun rose across the quiet and calm Iron Bottom Sound.

That’s all there is to say, really.


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